Technical Translation

This service refers to documents such as engineering, IT, electronics, mechanics and industrial texts in general. Technical translations require specialized knowledge of the terminology used in the sector.

A specialized type of technical translation deals with documents in the domain of science.

Financial Translation

A translation service dealing with documents relating to finance, banking, and similar activities. These can include annual accounts, reports, financial statements, contracts, etc.

Legal Translation

Is the translation of texts used in legal settings and for legal purposes. This includes documents such as contracts, agreements, certificates, statutes and similar texts.

Certified/Sworn Translation

A translation service provided by certified translators relative to documents which require legal validation. A so-called “certified” or “sworn” translation. Certified translations may apply to documents such as marital agreements, divorce settlements, passports, birth certificates and the like.


Patent Translation

A specialized translation service of documents such as patents, trade mark applications and texts generally associated with intellectual property.

General Translation

The translation of non-specialised texts of a general nature. These may consist of,  for example, letters, brochures, etc.


This service consists in examining an existing text in order to correct errors such as typographical, grammar, spelling, etc.